211 Third St Encinitas Ca 92024 $1,900,000


Stylish contemporary beach home located a short walk to one of San Diego’s finest beaches, walk to down town Encinitas restaurants, coffee shops and more. 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, with granite counters, slate floors & top quality throughout and fabulous ocean views. Do not disturb tenants contact Loren 760-583-7100


1081 Cornish Drive Encinitas Ca 92024

One of a kind Encinitas home with views to the sea. Walk to nearby Swami’s, beaches, shopping and library from this 2 bedroom plus office home that offers a detached guest house, plus two more rooms in basement and a prayer room. Asking $1,875,000. Contact Loren for information: 760-583-7100

When looking for a new home, you have to keep a lot of things in mind – price, size, condition; all of these should rank high on your checklist. However, if kids factor into your equation, your home search can be thrown for a loop – even the most perfect home can potentially no longer be perfect if its neighborhood is less than ideal for your little ones. When looking for a home in San Diego county with kids in tow, keep these things in mind.

Get the Scoop from Your Real Estate Agent

Start with the most knowledgeable source right at your fingertips – ask your real estate agent about how the neighborhood suits your family’s needs. They’ll have the full rundown on schools in the area for each age group, as wel...

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Learn to Ride the Waves With North San Diego Coastal’s Best Surfing Classes

If you have a passion for surfing, Encinitas and North San Diego coastal cities are the place for you – you’ll be living side-by-side with neighbors with live and breathe the waves, and you’ve got some of the nation’s top surfing beaches right at your doorstep. However, we’ve all got to start somewhere. If you’ve got a passion for surfing but not much in the way of training, Encinitas and its sister cities in San Diego county have you covered. This surfing hotspot is home to dozens of great surfing classes and surf academies to help people of all ages learn how to ride the waves safely.

Encinitas Surf Lessons

When you sign up for lessons here, you’ll be taught by instructors with a real passion for the waves. At Encinitas Surf Lessons, the instructors are determined to help you understand the full surfing experience, and improve your skills no matter what level you join them. They push you to be your best (while keeping safety in mind), and their energy and enthusiasm will help even the least surf-worthy student get shredding in no time.

Whitlock Surf Experience

This family-owned business doesn’t just teach – though they’ve certainly got that down pat. Whitlock Surf Experience handcrafts the boards it sells on-site, and will even take you for a grand tour of the workshop to give you a close-up look at where surfing begins. That hands-on touch extends to their surfing lessons. Their instructors are well-trained and passionate about the sport, and classes have excellent student to instructor ratios to make sure you get the attention you need before you hit the waves.

Progressive Surf Academy San Diego

Get one-on-one instruction while visiting Solana Beach, and help children in need while you hit the waves. Progressive Surf Academy San Diego’s owner and instructor is dedicated to his mission of helping children with mental health concerns with the power of surfing, and offers free lessons to children who might benefit from the activity as part of their health care plan. Check them out and put in your support for a great cause.

Fulcrum Surf School

This Del Mar gem is the full-service surfing school you’ve been waiting for. At Fulcrum Surf School, you’ll find group and individual lessons for newbies and arrangements for your private events, and a gear store to help you go to school in style. Unlike many other academies that cater mostly to newbies to the waves, Fulcrum can help intermediate and even expert surfers hone their skills with their pro instructors.

Maui Surf Academy

If you’re looking to introduce your kids to the world of surfing, Maui Surf Academy’s excellent instructors are up to the challenge. Their instructors are not only skilled, but are patient even with students who are hesitant to get on the board for the first time – but don’t be surprised if you see your newbie standing up by the time the lesson is over. Their flexible sign-up process makes booking even same-day appointments a breeze, and they’re also available for parties and company gatherings – nothing brings a business together quite like wiping out together.

Whether you’re a complete newbie to the world of surfing or someone looking for an expert to coach them and help them reach new heights, you don’t have to look hard in Encinitas and San Diego county to find quality, qualified teachers to get you on your board and shredding like a pro. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge – check them out today.

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Your Encinitas beach home should be your sanctuary: a spot where you can enjoy the surf, sun, and sand privately, and block out the world’s distractions. However, with space at a premium at the most scenic spots, this can be easier said than done. Learn how to make your beach home the private haven it should be with these simple, cheap DIY improvements and tips.

Privacy Starts Outside

It all starts with what your lawn and garden looks like, and careful planning on this front can give you all the privacy your home needs on the cheap. Fences, trees, and hedges all provide privacy and coverage; however, lining your whole yard with them may not be feasible, whether it boils down to neighborhood rules or the price of the project. If you can’t cover your whole yard, try making a private nook within it – not only is it cheaper, but it also provides depth to your property, and can create an interesting canvas for your gardening palette.

Remember: when using plants and fencing to create privacy, be sure to use species and materials that can keep up with the challenges that Encinitas (and California as a whole) will throw at them. Stick to plant species that can thrive in bright sun and low-water conditions (succulents, salvia, and saffron are all excellent choices), and building material that can stand up to salty, hot, and damp air (stainless steel, brass, and hardwood will excel).

Indoor Privacy Tips

Most Encinitas beach homes as built to bring in the sun and fresh air – while this is an excellent design choice to let you enjoy the scenery and weather to its fullest, it often is not the best choice when it comes to keeping your home private. You don’t have to renovate your home and swear off all natural light to get some peace and quiet – simple strategies like opaque (but sturdy) curtains or frosted glass in sensitive rooms such as the bath work well. Reducing noise from the outdoors can be tricky, but is doable with a bit more investment. Seal up the more obvious entryways for outdoor noise by adding soundproofing tape to windows and doors – this cheap DIY will take you no more than a few hours. For more determined DIYers, home insulation can not only regulate indoor temperature, but can also help soundproof a home.

Keep your outdoor patio private using the same strategies you used to improve your lawn and garden, hybridized with the strategies you use for indoor rooms. Installing a covering on your patio will not only keep the sun and other elements from beating down on your outdoor furniture, but will also help make your patio into the retreat you’re looking for.

You don’t have to bare it all when you’re living on the beach – with a little bit of home improvement, you can keep your family’s privacy intact, and enjoy your little piece of heaven without having to worry about who can see you sunbathing. A little bit of work goes a long way, and you can make it happen on the cheap.

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How Your Relationship With Your Encinitas Neighbors Affects Your Home’s Saleability

You’ve scrubbed it clean, revamped your yard, and staged every room of your home so expertly that it looks like it’s stepped right out of a magazine – but somehow, it’s still not selling. This could be due to a variety of factors (market saturation, location, and more), but sometimes, the cause is right over your fence. Even a beautiful home located right on the Encinitas beachfront can linger on the market if there’s bad word on the street about the property. A bad relationship with your neighbors can hurt your chances at selling your home more than you think, but luckily, you can build bridges if you’re willing to put in the work.

Poisoning the Well

We’re a more connected world now than ever before, and people are hungry for the full scoop on anything before they lay down their hard-earned cash, especially when it comes to a purchase like a house. Modern buyers will do independent research on your home, online and off, and outside of the schedule you may have planned. They’re very likely to take a visit to your neighborhood outside of open house days to check out what things are like when someone hasn’t polished it to perfection for a sale, and given the opportunity, they may wish to strike up a conversation with your neighbors to get an insider’s look at the area. Make sure you’re on good terms with them beforehand and they know you’re out to make a sale, lest they decide to rattle off all the downsides of the surrounding location.

Improving Inter-neighborhood Relations

So what can you do if you think your neighbors may be spoiling potential sales? Don’t immediately accuse them of ill intent – if a stranger approaches them and asks what the area is like, without mentioning they’re interested in buying your home, your neighbor may simply want to vent their spleen on things that bother them about the location, such as traffic or a spot of nasty weather. Make sure your neighbors know that you’re trying to sell, and ask them politely to help things along by interacting pleasantly with potential buyers. Approach them with something to make it worth their while, such as tickets to a local concert or a gift basket of goodies, and don’t be too afraid to knock on their door to ask for their support – even neighbors you’ve never spoken to before will often be perfectly willing to lend you a hand when asked, and doubly so when they’ve got a fruit basket in it for them. If you encounter resistance, speak to your local real estate agent for advice on how to address the specific situation at hand – they’re the experts, and know how to make a sale work no matter what.

You don’t have to make your neighbors your best friends, but when it comes time to sell your home, you want all the help in your corner you can get to make sure it sells at the price you deserve. With your neighbors and your local real estate agent on your side, you’ll be signing the closing papers faster than you think.

Encinitas and the San Diego area is a beautiful, welcoming place, and new residents shouldn’t be afraid to introduce themselves to their neighbors when first purchasing property in the area. Of course, that’s easier said than done – after the stress of selling your old home and moving in to your new, you may simply not have the energy to think up ways to make a good first impression. Here are some simple, easy ways to introduce yourself to your new neighbors in San Diego county.

Welcoming Gifts 101

A gift basket is a great way to greet new neighbors, but there’s always the question of what to put in it. Don’t worry about breaking the bank – with a new neighbor gift basket, you should keep expenditures ...

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It’s hard to avoid the heat in Encinitas’ summer season. Though you’ll find nationally-renowned surfing and beaches wherever you look, sometimes you’re just looking for an afternoon indoors to relax, have fun, and enjoy some climate-controlled coolness. Luckily, there are just as many options for indoor fun as outdoor in the Encinitas and San Diego area. Check out these picks and enjoy some time away from the sweltering sun.

Invasion Laser Tag

This isn’t just any old laser tag spot – Invasion Laser Tag goes above and beyond not only in service, but also in the sport itself. Staff are well-trained, and keep games running smoothly no matter what the age makeup or player count. Tired of the normal laser t...

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If you’re looking to sell your Encinitas home, you’ve probably been bombarded with article after article tooting the horn of home staging. It seems like a great sales strategy on the surface – after all, you’re looking to sell a piece of merchandise, and you want it to look its best. Home staging is a great tool in the arsenal of any aspiring home seller, but there are limits to what staging can do to sell your home, and you’ve got to keep them in mind if you want to seal the deal.

Staging Makes Your Home Look Its Best

First impressions are everything in real estate, and if your home is scrubbed clean and in its Sunday best, you’ll attract more buyer attention. A home that’s completely barren wil...

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Encinitas is a mecca for surfers and ocean sport enthusiasts for good reason – no matter where you are in the city, you’re never more than a few minutes’ drive from a nationally-renowned beach to catch some waves. Whether you’re a longtime fan of surfing or someone who’s looking for a way to get into the hobby, Encinitas is a great place to start and make some fellow surfing friends. However, it never hurts to brush up on surfing safety tips when you want to head out for a day of sun, surf, and sand.

Prep Before You Head Out

Safety starts at home, before you even hop in your car. Get your surfing equipment ready, and make sure everything’s in serviceable shape to prevent nasty surprises at the beach. C...

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